Looking back

It’s been a good while since my last post and as I look back over the posts I’ve made I realise that in only one post have I actually talked about coding. The post I am talking about is the one on using PHP and Curl to login to a website to download content. The rest of the posts have been about troubles I’ve had while setting up my dev environment on OSX lion.

While this info has already been useful to some people and probably will continue to help people it wasn’t really the reason that I set up the blog. As I learnt new things I wanted to share them but unfortunately due to various things (one being a new role) I have been very busy and haven’t had the time or the content to post.

As a newly appointed development manager I feel that this blog might end up going a different direction to the original plan.

One post I do hope to make soon is related to recruitment of PHP developers. This seemingly simple task has proved challenging and I feel I have some advice to give anyone going through the process.

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