PECL UUID extension on Mac OSX

Today I needed to set up the PECL UUID PHP module on my Mac OSX 10.7 Lion development machine, I needed it for a project that I'm working on. My first reaction was to fire up terminal and run sudo pecl install uuid. It all looked good for a moment but then came to a grinding halt when 'make' failed. Here is the error for reference (and for those searching snippets of it): [crayon-669d4735f418f369803572/] After a bit of googling I found out what the problem was and a solution to it. The full explanation and solution can be found here: I can confirm that the patch and build worked on my set up (OSX 10.7 Loin) and I hope by spreading the word it some more people out.
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Installing and setting up PEAR

Mac, PHP
This post will help you get PEAR installed and up and running on your machine, there are two options to below, one describes an OXS Lion specific setup and the other is more generic. Installing on OSX 10.7 Lion OSX Lion already has the PEAR install bundle so there is no need to download it, open up a terminal window and enter the following commands: [crayon-669d473600e07695178520/]   Downloading and installing Do not follow this part if you have just done the above steps. Otherwise enter the below into a terminal window: [crayon-669d473600e0f351277256/] It will ask you to enter a new installation base ($prefix). I recommend you use /usr/local   Configuring PHP include path Edit /etc/php.ini and find the line: ;include_path = ".:/php/includes". Uncomment it (remove the ; at the beginning) and add the PEAR path to…
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Install MySQL 5.1 Server on OSX Lion

Mac, MySQL
So I had to get MySQL set up on my OSX Lion MacBook Pro after the recent format and upgrade to Lion. It was easier than i expected but I thought that it was still worth a post anyway. First off, head over to the MySQL site and download the Mac pre-compiles binary of MySQL Community Server 5.1.x (the latest download says it's for OSX 10.6 Snow Leopard but it works fine with 10.7 Lion). Download the latest DMG available, this can be found here When the download finishes, open the disk image and install the main package file (mysql-5.1.xx-osx10.6-x86_64.pkg), when that finishes double-click on the preferences pane (MYSQL.prefpane file) file to install that into the System Preferences menu. If you would like the database server to start on boot then…
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Apache SSL on Mac OSX Lion 10.7

Apache, Mac
Update 11-12-2013: According to a commenter this process also works for OSX 10.9 Mavericks. I have recently upgraded to OSX Lion from Snow Leopard, whilst setting up my development environment I needed to configure the built in Apache server to support SSL. Below are instructions on what needed to be done. Please note that the below is based on a clean install of OSX 10.7.2 and if you did an upgrade or are running a different version of Lion then the instructions below may need to be tweaked to suit your setup.   Generate a host key First off we'll make a home for the new SSL files. I used /private/etc/apache2/ssl. We need to change to the new directory and then run a ssh-keygen command to create the server key…
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