PHP MSSQL & PDO_DBLIB (FreeTDS) support on Mac OSX 10.9 Mavericks

Mac, PHP
So since upgrading to Mavericks I have lost the ability to use PHP's MSSQL and PDO_DBLIB database extensions. I had previously set this up on Lion/Mountain Lion. You'll need to download the latest Xcode from the Mac App Store and then run it and install the command line tools. This will allow you to build the packages below. We'll also need autoconf so download the latest source at autoconf-latest.tar.gz. At the time this article was published the latest release was v2.69. Extract this and then using terminal navigate to the extracted source directory and run the below commands: [crayon-667782ef06bfb684664925/] Now on to FreeTDS, this is the library that will connect to MSSQL. Visit this link to get the latest stable version of FreeTDS: freetds-stable.tgz. At the time this article was…
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